These are the papers and book chapters  that, until now, have made it to the public domain after having been reviewed by peers.

  • "Describing Model Relations: the Case of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) family in financial economics" Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science (2023). (With C. Heilmann & M. Szymanowska).[link]

  • "Contextualist model evaluation: models in financial economics and index funds" European Journal for Philosophy of Science (2023). (with C. Heilmann & M. Szymanowska). [link]

  • "Financial Economics: What Kind of Science is it?" in The Philosophy of Money and Finance, J. Sandberg and L. Warenski (Eds.), Oxford University Press (forthcoming). (with C.Heilmann & M. Szymanowska).


  • "Finance and Financial Economics: a Philosophy of Science Perspective" in J. Reiss & C. Heilmann (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Economics. Nov. 2021 Routledge. (with B. de Bruin). [link]

  • The Journal Impact Factor Might Be Useful But, for What, Precisely? OEconomia, 2021 11–3, 473–484 [link]

  • "Karl Mittermaier, Adam Smith, and Economic Methodology: A Comment on “The Invisible Hand and Some Thoughts on the Non-Existent in What We Study”.

    Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch. 2019 (139) 1. (with R. Schumacher). [link]

  • ""Rejoinder to ‘Comparative Economics and the Mainstream’ by László Csaba” Economics and Business Review. 2017 3(17):3, 138-142 [link]

  • “Epistemic Contributions of Models: Conditions for Propositional Learning” Perspectives on Science. 2015 23:4, 405-423 (With F. Claveau) [link]

Work in Progress

  • Testing Concerns in Financial Economics (with M. Szymanowska & C. Heilmann).

  • "What makes asset pricing research empirically successful?"